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If you've decided you want to tell others about someone who left you too soon, please click your answers to the 2 questions below, and submit your story in the expandable text box.  If you prefer to write your story in a word processor and attach it to an E-mail to me, use my E-mail link at the bottom of this page.

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2)     If you would like your writing added to Arthur's Page, do you want
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Were you reminded of someone in your life when you read about Arthur?  If you write about the thoughts, memories and pictures that fly through your head every time you think of that person, it will make it real and in the present for you... Much more than a sweet memory.  Write it down and keep it for yourself, even if you don't want to share it on the Web.
Give sorrow words;
    the grief that does not speak
    Whispers the o'erfraught heart
    and bids it break.
                   -- Macbeth, Act IV, Scene three 
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